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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Nellie checks out her owl box

Nellie has checked out her box to make sure everything was in order. They are still in their courtship stage. Around dusk every night, as they wake up for breakfast you can hear them hooting back and forth to each other. "Good morning, dear." "I feel like sparrow this morning." Tonight, Ned was up early and hunting around Moravian Lane. You can usually tell they are around because cardinals are the first ones to alert the other birds that they need to watch their backs. We anticipate that any day now, Nellie will begin the month-long haul of sitting on her eggs. Tomorrow night Dr. Rob will be by around 6:15 to try and catch Ned to put the radio transmitter on. So any of you locals are welcome to stop by for that. Come in by the back door as the cage will be set up in the front. For those of you that "tweet," you can follow Dr. Rob (what ornithologist would NOT tweet?) on Twitter at "ospreytrax"

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