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Monday, March 21, 2011


These are Ned and Nellie's babies from last year. Nellie still has not been in the nesting box yet and it's getting a little late. Since owls are predators, they have their babies first so that when their babies are ready to learn to eat, they can practice on the rest of the birds who have their young later (I know, nature can be cruel...). Ned and Nellie are still alive and in the 'hood. I heard them in Edgehill Park last night. Nellie was calling for Ned (her hoot is a little higher and has more of a trill to it). After calling 3 times, Ned finally answered and then I saw him flying around looking for some vittles for Nellie. Dr. Rob does not know why she is not in the box since we have seen them "doing the deed" several times and owls tend to be pretty loyal when it comes to housing. In another strange development, Mr. and Mrs. Percy of Eastover seem to have flown the coop (abandoned their nesting box) as well. Mr. Percy had gotten the nest all ready for the Mrs. but hasn't been back since March 7th. Dr. Rob's best guess is he's found another female or the Mrs. didn't like the decorating job so has found a new home. Our Nellie hasn't been back to the box since Feb. 11. We will continue to monitor this very troubling development.

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