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Sunday, June 12, 2011

Ned and Nellie have triplets!!

 Last night, we heard Nellie hoot so we went to investigate and found 3 baby owls hopping around in the treasure tree near the driveway entrance of the Duke Mansion.  They seems to be flying just fine but their hunting skills aren't quite there yet so mom and dad still have work to do.  Usually, you know the owls are around because the other birds pitch a fit-mostly the cardinals.  To find the babies, you have to listen to them cry because they are hungry.  They sound a little like squirrels only higher pitched. They likely will be around the Duke Mansion (one of the trees at the 400 block of Hermitage was hit by lightning if you haven't seen it...) or Edgehill Park.  
Dr. Rob will be leaving us June 25th.  He will be sorely missed. He will write up his 10 years of research here and continuing his osprey research.  He is letting us keep the tv camera and the recorder so we hope that Nellie will use the box next year and the fun starts all over.

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