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Monday, June 20, 2011

Triplets still in Edgehill Park

If you stroll to Edgehill Park around 9 p.m. and listen for cries, you are likely to see Ned and Nellie's family.  Several people have reported this since Thursday.  We saw them last night and watched Nellie grab something from the ground and go to her babies to feed them. This happened twice.  Hopefully, they will still be around for the next week so talk a walk and listen.
Hermione from last year who is a little larger than what the triplets are now.

Hermione and Nellie

Nellie outside box. This photo is unedited. Notice how the reflection of the sun makes her wings appear Carolina blue.

Nellie captured last year to read her band to see who she was.


Rob and Josh putting transmitter on Ned.
Hermione and sibling learning to hunt. The triplets are about this size now.

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