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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ned checks out the nesting box!

In the owl world, the male does the house hunting.  This is Ned checking out our nesting box and deciding if it will be a suitable home to raise owlets. We hope that he comes to his senses.  The tree that they have nested in the last two years was partially cut down and eliminated their roof, so between that and getting a free mouse once a week, it's a very attractive abode.

The courting frenzy begins now and we should be hearing lots of hooting and hollering.  We will continue the weekly feedings that will usually be on Sunday night.  The next two Sunday nights are not good for us and if you want to know when the alternate day is, contact me. The time will normally be close to 5:30.  Nellie is starting to get a little nervous (as is her namesake) with all the people around so we may need to stand further back or in a different place.

Please drive slow around Edgehill Park and the surrounding areas.  When owls go after prey, they do not see cars coming, only the tasty treat they are after.

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