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Monday, August 10, 2015

Ned update

The Observer was kind enough to include a follow up article on Ned and Nellie. See

Ned is not doing as well as expected. His range of motion is good and the fracture has healed but there is a bony spike on his underwing that may need to be removed. It's also possible that Ned is older than we think and it's also possible that Ned is just being his lazy old self.  The pin was in for a long time and given the soreness that can come from being perch-bound can make for a  challenging recovery. Additionally, he hasn't had to hunt for food which is likely a pretty sweet deal so he may not want to give up the all you can eat rodent buffet.

Again, much gratitude for those who have donated (or just smiled at the story). The Raptor Center will be in touch with you soon and I will also be in touch with a token of my appreciation.

I leave you with some cool owl videos.

Barred owl facts-very comprehensive.

How owls transform themselves to warn off scary things

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  1. I'm delighted to have found your blog about the owls. Nice! Myers Park Life has asked me to write about N&N and I'd love to focus on the Edgehill party and Ned's homecoming and have a photographer there. Would you send your e-mail address to so that I can ask more. Thanks!