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Friday, October 25, 2013


Nellie vocalizing/hooting.

The last 3 nights around midnight you may have heard the owl hootenanny going on at our house. It has been a cacophony of monkey hoots and back and forth "who cooks for you."  Barred owls are the most social of all the owls and when they communicate, it is usually just to say "I'm here, where are you" or when they are courting you can add "and when you are bringing my dinner? I need to be wooed. This stuff ain't free." But lately, this has been territory hooting because we have 2 pairs of owls who don't like it when the other invades each other's space.  They really just fly around from branch to branch hooting at each other and giving each other the stink owl eye. I love living here so be able to witness this. Here are two awesome videos of the sounds and what the owls look like when they hoot. 2 minutes of audio and photos one minute video of owl vocalizing.

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