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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hoping they use the nesting box this season...

For those of you in the neighborhood, I'm sure you have heard a whole lot of hooting going on.  From December through early February, it is courting season. It is the male's job to find food and feed the female proving that he is a worthy suitor and good husband material. The hooting is usually indicative of "I'm here, where are you, you old fool. Bring me some dinner."  There have been three different times when we have heard and seen two pairs of owls so it will be fun to see how that pans out since owls are territorial.  We are hopeful that one of the pair will use the nesting box. We have kept the squirrels out which is sometimes a daily job. Squirrels are very slow learners.

If it doesn't work out with us, there is a guy in Florida who has an incredible three camera set up and he is posting. On Facebook, he is under "OwlWatch." He will post there the more exciting things that happen.His webcam is at He rotates between inside and outside views. It is very cool and I am very jealous. She is sitting on the nest now (Florida does things earlier). His YouTube Channel is Paul Yorke and lastly his blog is excellent with a lot of detail.

Another very interesting webcam I found is at This is a great horned owl sitting on 3 eggs. She has used a planter on the balcony of a high rise condominium. Crazy. The planter is a little small for her so often her wing is outside the box.  This will be quite a show when the owlets are born.

We will keep hoping and keep mice handy in order to feed the owls to encourage them to house with us.

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