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Sunday, January 11, 2015

Love is in the Air

Mom is hooting at Dad to bring some scrumptious squirrels.
For the next two months, you should be hearing a lot of hooting and cajoling from the owls.  This is the courting season.  The mister finds a home but the missus has to approve.  As part of this courting ritual, the male feeds the female in an attempt to validate himself as a worthy suitor. Since owls mate for life, she already knows what is in store for her, but at least they make the effort to keep the romance alive.  Human males should take note...

There is a guy who lives in Florida who is onviously retired. They are about a month ahead of us and he has the most elaborate camera system I have ever seen. Academics should be jealous.  Below is the list of his many sites and this one came from YouTube under the name Paul Yorke. His facebook page is OwlWatch.

This is a six minute video which is 5 minutes too long for most but it does give you a feel for how human-like barred owls (the most social of the owls) are.  She "tries" on her nest site, adjusts the twigs and leaves, and snuggles in various positions trying to make sure that this nest is just right ala three little pig style. She will be a good mom.

His other links are:

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