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Monday, February 23, 2015

Two Owl cams to watch

One owlet is 2 days old and the other is 5 days. Those sounds!!! This is the guy you want to follow. He has an elaborate set up and is about a month ahead of us.  Two nights ago we heard 4 owls on the middle of Moravian. I went outside with my flashlight and was able to see them go down to Hermitage. I still have hope that someone will nest in the box in the event that Nellie is gone. We obviously have 2 competing pairs. As I type this, I hear one in the back yard. Love it.

Many of you will remember Alessondra the great horned owl who nests on a balcony on some high rise in the midwest. The family who lives there is home schooled and the dad is some electronic wizard. Perfect. It looks like triplets again. It can sometimes be a little graphic...

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